5 Photography Spots You Shouldn't Missed When Visiting Shanghai

Most of travellers are mostly visit some historical places or famous spot to take selfies while sometimes they missed to take a really good photography of its surrounding. For sure it is depends on what is your photography style and preference. Here are 5 places recommended for you to go while you visit Shanghai for photography purpose.

1. Lujiazui

At this place you can walk around on the elevated pedestrian in this neighbourhood. Some great spots for the tallest buildings in Shanghai can be nicely shot. Jinmao tower, Shanghai Finance Center, Shanghai tower, and Oriental Pearl Tower are at the same area.

2. Zhapu Road Bridge

The bund is just exactly there at the riverside, but if you step back a little more hundreds meters, there is a small bridge and pretty out of the crowded where you can take your time to make a long exposure photo.

3. Museum 1933

This building has a very unique architectural construction and layout. You should take your wide lens there and try to get some angles following the piles. Come with a model is recommended too.

4. Jingan Temple

The most interesting part of this object is its golden rooftop and others ornaments attached. And if you are lucky, sometimes the lamp will be on at evening, so do not leave your tripod at hotel.

5. China Art Museum

Inside and outside are interesting to see and capture. The architecture style, colour, and people outside this building make it perfect for street photography. In the building there are some sculptures and others art works, nice for art photographers.