Amazing bridges and interchanges in Shanghai

Shanghai has several bridges across HuangPu river that are connecting Puxi and Pudong area with great architectural structure. And before to access the bridge, there are always interchanges and flyover with a pretty complex direction but beautiful in architecture point of view.

Lupu bridge - A curve shape bridge that connects the North-South Elevated Road from Luban road in Puxi to Shiboguan road in Pudong. The closest metro station to this bridge for sightseeing is Line 4, Luban road station (Puxi) or Line 12, Shibo Avenue station (Pudong).
Bring your camera to enjoy this nice view.

Luban Road Motorway Interchange - This interchange connect Luban road and Zhongshan South 1st road, and the elevated road is to go to Pudong area through Lupu bridge. The best location for sightseeing and photography is through Line 4, at Luban road station, exit 2 and then take a walk to the South on direction of Nanyuang park.

Nanpu bridge -The first bridge to cross HuangPu river and link Puxi & Pudong area. It has over 800 meters length and around 40-50 meters height from water surface. The construction of the bridge consist of 2 big concrete poles in shape of letter 'H', and connected by steel wire/cables

The interchange in central Shanghai area made a shape of fully circle, with low elevated road. Nanpu bridge located very near Lupu bridge, just 2 station away. Easy access by metro Line 4, at Nanpu bridge station, exit 3 or 1.

Yangpu bridge - The longest suspension bridge in Shanghai and it was built a few years before Nanpu bridge. The height clearance from river water level is about 48 meters. It is the 4th longest cable-stayed bridge in the world with the long span 602 meters across Huangpu river. The two poles is a bit in shape of letter 'Y' or more like diamond shape. It symbolise the rainbow across Huangpu river

Wants to get there? There is no metro line with station close to this bridge. You have to go through Line 16, at Deping station or Line 12 at Ningguo Road station and take shared bike available to get closer to the river through Luoshan road.

Pic: A closer view underneath the bridge